Changing Garage Door Cables

August 1st, 2010

It is easy to forget just how dangerous garage doors can be; despite the ease with which they open and close, garage doors are heavy objects that can cause significant damage to people and property. For this reason, we highly advise not using your garage door until certain signs of wear and tear have been repaired.

One type of damage of which you should be aware is the fraying of the door cables. Should one of these break, the door could easily come slamming down or anyone or anything in the way. Although there are springs that allow for easy operation, these are not necessarily strong enough to hold a door up if a cable snaps. Although cables will start to deteriorate from the moment they are installed, most will last a considerable length of time before becoming significantly worn away. Even so, it is best to check them at least once a month and replace them if there are signs of damage. In the event that a cable is severely frayed, you should employ somebody qualified to change the cable for you, or you could risk damaging the door or yourself!

In fact, in general, we recommend you use qualified repairmen to carry out all maintenance work on your garage door.

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