Manual vs. Automatic Garage Doors

November 15th, 2010

Automatic garage doors make parking in the warmth and safety of your garage just as quick as parking on your driveway. Not only will your insurance premium drop, you won’t have to deal with horrible weather, cold mornings and dark evenings at the start and end of your day. Below are some comparisons, to further clarify the advantages:

Manual Garage Doors

Can be heavy and dangerous to operate, especially for the elderly. At this time of year, with ice on the ground most mornings, it can be highly dangerous to try and open a heavy garage door.

Require the user to get out of their car, exposing them to the elements which, at this time of year, can never be a good thing.

Rarely have built-in lighting, which places the user in dark conditions both inside and outside the garage. Not only is this dangerous, it’s also highly unpleasant.

Automatic Garage Doors

Open at the press of a button, allowing anybody to open any size or weight of garage door, without any risk.

Can be opened from the warmth and shelter of your vehicle, protecting you from the cold, rain, hail, snow, or whatever foul winter element is assaulting you.

Automatic courtesy lights not only make it easier to navigate the vehicle into the garage, they also mean you are not left in the dark when opening or closing you garage door.

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