Vertico Garage Doors

November 10th, 2010

If headroom is an issue for your garage door, it is worth considering a modern solution to this practically ancient problem. Vertico garage doors, for example, help you make the most of the size of your garage by folding up into slats, which slide to the side of the door, instead of to the top. The amount of headroom required for these garage doors to open is therefore minimal, allowing even the smallest garages to benefit from the added security and convenience of an automatic garage door.

Of course, the Vertico garage door doesn’t have to be automatic if, for some reason, you don’t want it to be. In case of motor failures, power cuts or any other problems that might render users locked in or out by their own garage door, the motor can be easily disengaged, allowing you to open the door manually. Although not quite as stylish or impressive, this manual feature of a Vertico garage door vastly improves its usability and practicality.

Although the unique style of the Vetico garage door appeals to just about everybody, it is also worth considering its benefits for the elderly or infirm. After all, an automatic garage door that can be easily pushed aside in the case of a problem is an ideal security solution for those who might otherwise struggle with heavy garage doors.

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