Maintaining the Condition of Garage Doors

May 30th, 2010

Here at the garage door blog, we often cite the ingenuity of investing in a high quality garage door, to add greater value to your overall property. However, there’s no point installing a beautiful new garage door if you’re just going to let it fall into disrepair and eventually detract curb appeal from your house instead of adding it.

Occasional suitable maintenance will ensure you garage door stays in the best possible condition for years and, although the exact preservation methods will depend largely on the materials from which the door is made, here are some universally applicable tips to keep your door looking great and working perfectly.

Once every 6 weeks:

Clean the door using regular household cleaning products, to remove grease and dirt that might cause rusting. Once clean, inspect both the door face and the mechanisms, to look for damage. Catching signs of deterioration early will minimise the cost of putting them right. It doesn’t have to take long; ten minutes here and there will keep your door in tip-top condition.

Once per year:

Be sure to lubricate the moving parts of your garage door to keep it working smoothly. This is especially important in extremes of temperature, when shrinking and expanding materials can otherwise cause problems.

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