Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Opener In Your Car!

October 19th, 2010

Don’t leave your garage door opener in your car! As inconvenient as this may seem, this is the exact advice police are giving out, following a spate of incidents involving burglars breaking into cars, stealing garage door openers and using them to gain access to people’s houses.

Not only are these people sneaking into garages and stealing valuable items, they are also doing so in broad daylight – sometimes whilst the home owner is actually present in their house! Of course, this is of even bigger concern for those whose garage has an internal door leading into the house.

One victim’s credit card was stolen and, within hours, thousands of pounds of debt had been racked up. For other victims, it’s the security of their family they felt was most compromised; “It’s just disturbing when you’ve got little kids in your house to know that there is people out there messing with your stuff” said Linda Kupsky.

As of yet, the criminals haven’t been caught. Let this post serve as a warning to those of you who tend to leave your opener in your car; you wouldn’t leave you house keys on display in your car, so don’t do it with your garage door opener!

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