Furious Woman Drives Car Through Garage Door

October 30th, 2010

Just a quiet Friday night in Oxford – nothing out of the ordinary to report. Somewhere over on Towantic Hill Road, an argument kicks off between a man and a woman, resulting in the woman storming off and driving away in her car. Silence returns to the peaceful neighbourhood, where the up-coming Halloween celebrations are about the scariest thing for miles around.

Suddenly, there is a screeching of rubber, a roaring engine and the woman’s car returns to the man’s house – to plough through his garage door! Luckily for the man, he was safely inside his house. Luckily for the woman, the man’s garage door was a flimsy wee thing that didn’t wreck her car. If he had invested in a triple layered steel garage door…the lady may have found herself regretting her actions. Or regretting her actions even more, should I say!

It does go to show, however, that you can never be entirely sure when somebody is going attempt to vandalise your property. The best thing to do is make sure your house is prepared – making sure your garage door can withstand a decent amount of punishment is one such method of preparation. Admittedly, enforcing it against mad woman in cars might be a bit extreme, but making sure it can take a hefty knock or a forceful gale is just common sense.

In case you think nobody is insane enough to drive through somebody else’s garage door as an act of fury: http://www.rep-am.com/news/local/doc4ccea8d30f333878723106.txt

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