Homeowners turning to DIY to revive their property

June 20th, 2012

Homeowners have been embracing the trend to give their property a makeover themselves. Over the past few years, growing numbers have been picking up their screwdrivers and paintbrushes to breathe some new life into their homes.

The rewards people get from doing the job themselves rather than calling in a professional run deeper than just being financial. Not only will this give your home a real personal touch, but there is a huge sense of satisfaction in successfully finishing a job yourself.

However, experts warn that for more complicated jobs, homeowners should continue to use specialist tradespeople to complete the work.

Installing a garage door for example might appear to be a simple job, but in reality many elements of the work are quite complicated. Most of ABi’s garage door installation engineers have over ten years of experience, and still encounter challenges on a day to day basis. All garage doors are installed by a two man team and usually take a full day to complete.

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